Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fully Dressed

I tried. I really did. On Thursday I had a 2 year old birthday party with a few other Mums. The only one I knew was the birthday boy's Mum. I turned up with no make-up and I got quite a few sympathetic looks and lots of "Not going well, huh?" type questions. I must have looked so tired and rundown. For the first time that week I felt exposed and vulnerable. It made me self conscious. Like a self fulfilling prophecy, because I looked stressed out and tired and felt stressed out and tired.
Thursday night was a tough one with Baby Max. I awoke on Friday morning feeling very very tired but with places to go and people to see. I couldn't face feeling like I did at that birthday party so I slapped on the slap. With a splash of red lippy to really perk me up. Is it wrong of me to get a buzz when people at the toddler 'dance' group told me that I looked well. I haven't been without make-up since.
Am I weak? I can't work it out. The scores (!) of you that read this bog, I would appreciate your opinion. I can normally reflect on why I couldn't see a personal challenge through but this one has stumped me. I thought I didn't care. I thought I was strong and unvain (invain? not vain?). Do you wear make-up? Would you go without?


  1. No you are not weak, who doesn't want to hear you look well? I think we wear make up for that long it becomes part of who we are, part of our make up (sorry) and for what ever reason we feel better when we wear it. Don't fight it girl go with the flow.

  2. I'm inclined to agree. My make-up is what I put on in the morning, just like my bra and knickers. Why question it? I'm not about to pantless for an experiment! Thanks. xx

  3. Hubby will be disappointed, I think he might quite like that experiment x

  4. Ha ha! Tell him you'll do it of he will! x