Thursday, 29 September 2011

My (Glorious) Day!

What a glorious day today, huh? I got up this morning with no real plans. Maybe the swings, maybe the playgroup. Then my friend texted me asking if we would like to join her and her two girls for an afternoon up at Knebworth House for a picnic and fun. Would I?! I got the kids ready and jumped in the car, cranked up the Tom Tom and we hit the road. I avoided the motorways and henceforth got driven round every motorway in Hertfordshire! Then the postcode I'd plugged into my delightful satnav took me right outside the park. Unfortunately it was the private entrance. So off we go on our merry way again. One rather stressful stop at Tesco's later (maybe you saw me? I was the strained woman chasing a 2yr old down the aisles with a car seat in a trolley!) we pulled up at Knebworth House and Park. And it was shut. Yes, shut. Closed. On the nicest day of the year so far and these beautiful grounds were closed. BACK IN THE CAR!!!!
My friend knows a place down the road - Stanborough Lakes - which has a kiddie park and somewhere to have picnic so about another 26 roundabouts later we park and all pile out of the cars.
After a spot is found and all the food we bought is spilt onto the rug my friend and I pour a cheeky glass of Rose wine and we sit back and watch the kids play. Well, the toddlers at least. They were running for no real reason and in no real direction, holding hands and laughing as they fell over. Charlie was happy. Really happy. He felt free and in good company (he loves my friends daughter) and without rules as he could come and pick at food when he wanted and then run off again, and he probably had more 'Chocco Bites' then were all together good for him! He was amazing to watch. He made me smile and filled my heart with joy. I reflected on the post that I wrote this very morning and marveled on how the feelings of what you do when it comes to your kids can change on the spin of a penny. How you can be at your lowest low one moment and then at your highest high almost the next.
When we got home I feared the worst as he'd had 20 minutes sleep the whole day but he just got on the floor and played with his cars. And allowed (and I know how the use of that word sounds and that's exactly how I want it to) me to put my feet up with a cup of tea. As I watched him press buttons on his toy and dance to the music I could fill myself welling up with love and pride.
I'm going to be a better Mum. I won't get stressed or impatient with them. Those aforementioned 'moments' will be better...ummmmmm.... controlled (for want of a better word). I want Charlie to be as free as he was today until he isn't anymore. Yes, I know that is idyllic and pretty much impossible but what's the point of an idyll if not to try and make it happen?
As I said, what a glorious day!

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