Monday, 5 September 2011

And so on...

I've been away for a while. It's hard to find the time to sit down and write. Sometimes I feel as I have nothing to say and then sometimes I feel as if I have too much to say and I don't know where to begin!

I have set myself a challenge. To only buy 'pre-loved' clothes between June (when my son was born) and Christmas. This means plain old 'second-hand' and of course the odd vintage piece. This challenge came to me for a few reasons. First of all, money. I love clothes and I love looking good but all too often the bits that I want are out of my price range and I end up buying something in a sale that I don't really want or need but feel I should have as I want some new clothes. Second of all, my body. After only spending 54 weeks not pregnant before having my second child my body has no idea what size and shape it wants to be. Although I am not actively working to get the baby weight off, running a home and running after a toddler is sure to help me fight the flab. I was a skinny minnie before Charlie and now I am a happy size 12 but will I stay this way? I dunno. So I am loathe to spend money on clothes when it may not even fit me a few months.

I am loving it! I love a good challenge anyway (hence me trying to learn Bridge and sewing on an old Singer, but more of that later) but this has been so successful. After spending £35 in British Heart Foundation and walking away with 5 tops and 3 jumpers I was on a roll! A pair of silk trousers from M&S and a beautiful green skirt from Zara later (purchased at St Christopher's Hospice) I was hooked! My aim is to get pictures of all my finds on here but I'm suffering technical issues (I can't find the cable to hook the camera up to the laptop!).

And a strange thing is happening. I am stylish. I was always well groomed and always tried to match my bag to what I was wearing. But stylish? That wasn't really a word that described me. Until now. And I am not sure why this is happening. Is it because I have picked such great pieces that style is now effortless? Is it because I have to really work hard to find these pieces and so want to make the most of them? Maybe. All I know is that people are telling me that I look great and complimenting me on my outfits. I feel so ... proud, when I tell them that I am dressed head to ankle (new shoes!) in second hand clothes and my whole ensemble probably came to no more than £10! although I draw the line at second hand pants!
I suffered from a spot of temptation this weekend and saw a beautiful wine coloured pants suit in Peacocks but I stuck to my guns, and felt quite good about it. Onward and upwards!

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  1. Another place you could try is TK Max for a treat oh and new pants....